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Frequently Asked Questions

Is YMS different than Triton Administrator?
Yes and No.  YMS is the next evolution of Triton Administrator (aka T5).  YMS and T5 work from the same data so you can even use them side-by-side if you like.
Does YMS run onboard or just over the Internet?
Both!  Triton Administrator pioneered hybrid access to Yacht Management Software over 20 years ago.  With YMS we take this even further.  You can run YMS onboard directly, in the cloud and even when not connected at all.
Does YMS work on a MAC?
YMS works on any contemporary device with no software installation required.
Is YMS expensive?
YMS is extremely price competitive. Contact us today for a quote.  Once you factor in the efficiencies and productivity gained from YMS you’ll find that using YMS pays dividends!
What about content?
We have 25 years of experience populating databases, and can get you started or even fully populate your data for you.  Regarding compliance, YMS allows you to use whatever format you prefer to present your regulatory and compliance documents.  We can provide you with templates, or you can use your own.  YMS recognizes all popular document formats.
Is it difficult or expensive to switch from a competitor to YMS?
Not at all.  We were the first company to provide Yacht Management Software and have been doing this for over 25 years.  We can migrate a competitor’s data quickly and thoroughly.